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Camper-Cade is an All-Inclusive, Customizable Arcade Experience that comes directly to your camp.


Transform an area of your camp into an Electrifying & Exhilerating Arcade! Comes to your camp Complete with Arcade-Themed Walls, Music & Lighting, a Photo Booth & of course a Full Catalogue of dozens of the most popular Classic Arcade Cabinets, TV Console Systems & Giant Tabletop Games to choose from. 

  • Go Old-School with Classics like Pac-Man, Centipede or Asteroids

  • Battle it out in Mortal Kombat, Ninja Turtles or Marvel/Capcom

  • Play some of your Favorite Tabletop Games like Operation or Jenga, but GIANT

  • Other Arcade Standards such as Whack-A-Mole, Mega Wire & Stop-the-Light

  • ALSO a Large TV Screen with All The Best Console Classics

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